Replacing Top-Down with Bubble Up Management

HumanCentric Labs is changing the way organizations manage. For centuries we have used management to get the right work done. The more complex the organization, the more costly the overhead.

We are demonstrating large-scale applications where managing begins with the individual. They are empowered to own and improve their work and capability with the least amount of overhead.

Result: Motivated talent who deliver greater value.


We call them:

Organizations thrive and humans excel when managing starts with the individual, their ownership of their work, and their ability to improve.

Human-Centric Organizations

A New Paradigm


HumanCentric Labs Mission

Transforming Organizations to Human Centric Managing

Why Does It Matter?

Stakeholders are the real purpose and beneficiaries of any business.

And individual workers are the center of value creation – the work. Human-centric managing aligns stakeholders and improves shareholder return.

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Who We Are

We're thought leaders on unleashing human potential to multiply productivity. We've formed an ecosystem of partners dedicated to the large-scale transformation of business from traditional to human-centric managing. 

How it Works

Our customers become our research partners. Together, we develop and share large-scale and highly adaptable use cases that demonstrate their verifiable performance advantages


Self-Managing Workplace Decision Making


  • Individuals to optimize their needs and the teams

  • Example of Human-Centric self-managed organization model

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Why We are Successful

It's a big problem: organizations are wasteful. They waste resources on far more management than is needed to get the right work done. That destroys engagement.

We are composed to leading experts with deep management and transformational  experience, insight, and technology to deliver both immediate and ongoing performance improvement.

Our managing framework has proven to meet our key design principles:

  • Immediate value – in the first hour

  • Low risk – evolves naturally

  • Clear measurable performance metrics 


Big payoff when empowering innovation at all levels

The problem: Hema, a third-year employee at a Fortune 50 tech company, was spending bout 4% of her time finding the latest technology and processes to do her job. 

The Solution: With our help, Hema and her team created an improvement team and put in place a method for describing and organizing tags for content. We also implemented human-centric managing on her team. Her ROI analysis convinced IT to implement her team’s processes. As a result, Hema gained self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills. She identified and took ownership of a productivity issue.  

Hema’s solution has saved over $25M so far

How We Engage

1. Become our research partner. Together, we'll create a scalable human-centric business application​. Contribute applications and content, and participate in our research. Tell us about your business and your workplace interests here:

2. Join our ecosystem of thought leadership, service providers, and technologists committed to our collective purpose. 


Learn how to transform your business into a human-centric organization that delivers superior shareholder value by harnessing real ownership and the commitment of your workforce.  

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